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Efforts to distinguish the fire are continuing

A fire broke out in an area called ‘Elma Bahçesi’ in the Mersinlik stream yesterday afternoon. A BRT journalist at the scene said that a short circuit had occurred while an individual was cleaning an industrial vehicle.The vehicle completely burned and the fire spread to the forest area in a very short time.

Difficulties are being experienced as the fire is spreading in valleys and steep areas making it difficult for vehicles that are trying to put out the fire. One fire fighting aircraft and two helicopters from Türkiye are also battling the fire.
Distinguishing efforts, that were suspended due to the dark continued in the early hours of the morning.
Aerial fire fighting efforts continued in the daylight. Although the fire fighting aircraft returned to battle fires in Türkiye, the two helicopters are continuing efforts uninterrupted.
The Head of the Forestry Department Cemil Karzaoğlu said that fire extinguishing efforts were continuing and that both helicopters were also trying to put out the fire. Pointing out that the region is a forestry area with dense vegetation; Karzaoğlu stated that the fire spread in a short period with the effect of the wind.

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