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“We should think of all possibilities of an earthquake with a magnitude 7.5 or 8 that can hit anytime!”

Head of the Chamber of Earth Science Engineers Oğuz Vadilili, said that the Long Beach, Tuzla and Gaziveren coastlines were identified as problematic ground areas and warned that construction should be done taking this into account.
Vadilili also emphasized that it is necessary to act as if an earthquake with a 7.5 or 8 magnitude can take place in the region any day.
The Union of Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects (KTMMOB) President Tunç Adanır held a press conference this morning in the presence of Head of Chamber of Civil engineers Gürkan Yağcıoğlu and Head of the Chamber of Earth Science Engineers Oğuz Vadilili, under the theme “Evaluation of building stock in terms of earthquakes and informing the methods to be followed in our country, which is in an earthquake zone”.
Adanır stated that following the earthquake in Türkiye, they received a request from the Presidency for the inspection of public buildings. Adanır said that they as the chamber suggested that hospitals and schools be inspected first and that they can then move on to other public buildings after.
President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Gürkan Yağcıoğlu his part said that samples that were taken from Isias Hotel are being studied at the laboratory and that a related technical report will be shared with the public next week. Yağcıoğlu also added that this would not be sufficient and that the construction project should also be examined.

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