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Öztürkler “The e-visa automation system will be activated in February”

Minister of Interior Ziya Öztürkler called on foreigners residing irregularly in the country without legal permission to take initiatives to become under legal status.
Stating that the immigration systems have been restructured, Öztürkler emphasized that it should be known that those irregularly in the country will be detected faster adding that following the implementation of the immigration amnesty, the state will take necessary measures towards those residing illegally.
Referring to the work being carried out for the security and public interests, Minister Öztürkler said that around 2000 people, who were remaining on the island illegally or involved in crimes were deported without hesitation and that this determined stance on the issue would continue.
The e-visa automation system will be activated in February:
Pointing to the importance of establishing a strong and trustworthy system for national security and the public, Öztürkler stated that with the e-Visa Automation System, much tighter controls will be carried out online before foreigners arrive on the island.

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