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Veterinary Department: Precautions against Bird Flu

The Veterinary Department issued a statement following the announcement of bird flu cases in South Cyprus. Following the announcement by the Veterinary Services in South Cyprus on November 26th, 2022 that avian influenza (Chicken Plague, Avian Influenza) cases have been detected in two private collections of aquatic birds in the South of Gazimağusa, it has also been reported that necessary measures were taken in the affected workplaces. Steps are being taken to protect ourselves and our poultry from the disease detected. It has been advised that poultry breeders, especially in the Gazimağusa region and those close to wetlands, keep all poultry in closed spaces. Necessary measures should be taken to prevent poultry from contact with wildlife birds. Bird tray dishes must be kept in closed spaces away from outside animals and measures of the continuous cleaning of henhouses and hygiene should be taken. Individual precautions, such as protective masks and gloves when entering henhouses and when in contact with animals, should be taken. Precautions should also be taken to avoid poultry contact with children and other people. Hunters and bird watchers have been warned not to come into contact with dead wild birds. It is important to notify the Veterinary Department in the case of the high number of deaths observed in both domestic animals and wild birds without delay in order to prevent the spread of disease.

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