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Tatar “International observance of exercise has increased the status of TRNC state”

The Security Forces Command (GKK) carried out the 2022 Martyr Lieutenant Caner Gönyeli Search and Rescue Exercise with success. The land phase of the exercise took place at St. Hilarion 101 Evler in Girne yesterday.
Commander Major General Zorlu Topaloğlu of the Security Forces Command said that since 2003 this was the 109th search and rescue exercise conducted between Türkiye and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to date.
Also speaking to the press, President Ersin Tatar congratulated all state institutions and organizations from the TRNC and Türkiye who contributed to the realization of the exceptionally comprehensive search and rescue exercise. With the contributions of Türkiye the TRNC is developing in every field and becoming stronger, he added.
Referring to the search and rescue exercises and practises of other natural disaster possibilities, President Tatar said the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has developed further with its local opportunities and the support of Türkiye. Tatar praised Türkiye for its extended support and voiced appreciation towards Türkiye for sharing the technical infrastructure of its defence industry and also the opportunities of its institutions. Tatar also pointed to the importance of the exercise stating that the international observance, mission and representatives had increased the status of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Stating that Türkiye had mobilized all of its resources from every field for the TRNC (a Turkish state in the Mediterranean) to be rooted and stronger, President Tatar added that the development of coordinated communication in harmony between the institutions and organisations of both countries will continue to create the opportunity for successful interventions in likely situations.
Ten military attaches from nine different countries that are in the TRNC are observing the Martyr Lieutenant Caner Gönyeli Exercise carried out jointly be institutions and organisations of Türkiye and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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