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Firefighting plane from Israel is expected

Fire fighting efforts continued in the early hours of the morning.

President Ersin Tatar accompanied by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dursun Oğuz and other official visited the fire affected areas.

It was reported that one more helicopter joined in the extinguishing efforts this morning.

Noting that there was great concern in Ardahan and Topçuköy last night due to the wind, President Tatar emphasized that industrial vehicles were continuing efforts at 3 am and that the flames were prevented from spreading to these 2 villages.

Tatar noted that the Mersinlik village was evacuated and locals were placed in a hotel in Kaplıca.
Stating that an area of ​​7-8 kilometers in the Ardahan-Topçuköy-Mersinlik villages were affected by the fire, President Tatar added that the flames continued in areas, and firefighting aircraft and helicopters from Türkiye and South Cyprus continued to distinguishing efforts from the air.

President Tatar stated that helicopters from the British bases and a firefighting aircraft from Israel will possibly come to the aid in the hours ahead.

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