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Weekly traffic report announced

The weekly traffic reports that 10 people were injured in 67 traffic accidents recorded in North Cyprus last week. Speeding was reported to be the main cause of the accidents. 119 drivers were reported as speeding.
Speaking on a mobile phone while driving and also driving without a road tax was recorded as top of the list of offences carried out in the weekly report. 1 million 480 thousand 470 TL was noted as the cost of the total damage of the 67 accidents.
21 speeding offences were reported among the 67 accidents recorded.
According to a police report, 67 accidents were reported, 8 of which resulted in injury and 59 in damage during the dates of the12th -18th September.
Among the accidents reported there were 21 speeding offences, 15 careless driving, 12 offences for not stopping at intersections, 8 offences for driving too close to the vehicle ahead and 11 for other reasons that did not comply with traffic rules.

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