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Warning on counterfeit dollars!

Two people have been detected attempting to circulate a total of 51 USD 100 notes (amounting to USD 5,100) at a casino in Lefkoşa at around 12:30 am, in the early hours of the morning.
Police report that the suspects have been arrested and that an investigation into the incident is continuing.
Police issued a warning stating that there is a possibility of the fake USA 100 dollars being circulated earlier and therefore called on banks, foreign exchange bureaus, finance companies, markets, and citizens to be extra cautious and look out for the serial numbers when making purchases or sales. The police also called on the public to report anyone that they believe to be suspicious.
The person who was caught today with the fake notes was arrested and an investigation is ongoing the police report
The serial numbers of the 51 USD 100 bank notes are as follows

MB98802057F, MB98803233F, MB98803460F, LB64701278G, MB64700464F, MB98702379F, MB64700478F, MB64700460F, MB98702375F, MB98802467F, MB98803467F, LB64701261G, MB98703635F, MB98803483F, MB98802463F, MB98803497F, MB98802050F, MB98803463F, MB98803430F, MB98803477F, LB64701274G, MB98702389F, MB98702359F, MB98700097F, MB98803443F, MB98702371F, MB98803433F, MB98703639

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