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Vehicle stuck between two trucks

Two people have been injured following an accident on the Girne – Değirmenlik road at around 2 pm today.

According to a police report, Amir Mahmood (28) registered vehicle driver FH 041 who was heading towards Girne and tried to overtake Davut Bozkurt (49) registered lorry driver JY 324 at the 11-12Km of the Girne- Değermenlik main road collided with Ramadan Akagün (31) registered lorry driver SC 738 who was coming in the opposite direction.

The driver of the vehicle Amir Mahmood who was squashed between the two lorries, and his passenger Ali Demir (E-30), were taken to the Girne Dr Akçiçek Hospital for injuries.
A police investigation is continuing.

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