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The individual who illegally passed Ledra Palace has been taken to court

The 34-year-old individual, who did not comply with the police’s “stop” warning yesterday at the Ledra Palace crossing point and crossed to the north of Cyprus damaging the barrier, has been taken to the Lefkoşa court today.
Following the bail case, the person in question has been sent to the Central Prison on remand for a period not exceeding one month until his case has been discussed.
An investigation is being launched against the suspect for violating the first-degree military forbidden zone, as no immigration records were on file, the investigating officer said.
The investigation officer said that if the suspect is released, he will be tried in pre-trial detention for no longer than a month due to the possibility of escaping from the north of Cyprus through illegal means.
Stating that the suspect did not give a breath sample or make a statement and that he also refrained from saying anything and signing the case notice, the investigating officer stated that there was a clear camera image of the incident and that there were witnesses too.
The individual in question said that he was told that he could not pass at the crossing point and that he was treated badly adding that his car was shot at.
Responding to the judge’s questions, the investigating police officer said that the tyre of the individual’s vehicle was shot at to make him stop as he deliberately headed on damaging the barrier.

The prosecutor, on the other hand, stated that although the suspect is liable for deliberate damage, a case will also be issued for violating the first-degree military forbidden zone. Stating that the suspect was in the country illegally, the Prosecutor drew attention to the possibility of the individual escaping trial if he was released.
The judge stated that intentional damage is an extremely serious crime, noting that the suspect entered the north part of Cyprus illegally and that there was a high risk of escaping trial. The judge ordered that the suspect be sent to the Central Prison for a period not more than one month until the case has been heard.

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