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“The Derinya social housing project completed”

Vice President of Türkiye Fuat Oktay spoke on the plan and social housing to be constructed in the Derinya region. He said that the first phase of the project consisting of 1,192 residences and social facilities has been completed. Oktay stated that the construction will start as soon as possible.
Oktay also stated that they will support the work carried out by North Cyprus regarding the Maraş issue, taking into account the rights of the property owners to bring the region economically, for tourism and social purposes to life.
Vice President of Türkiye Fuat Oktay and Prime Minister Ünal Üstel held a joint press conference at the Presidential Complex in Ankara following their tete-a-tete meeting and meeting with their delegations.
-Oktay: “They will always live in our hearts”
“Champion Angels, the Turkish Cypriot volleyball teams who lost their lives in Adıyaman, has saddened us. They will always live in our hearts,” Oktay said and offered his condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.
Stating that the Adıyaman Chief Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation of the collapsed building and that three people were arrested, Oktay said that they will follow the process of the case.

Oktay also thanked the North Cyprus government for the container city ‘Cyprus Turkish Champion Angels Village’ to be constructed at the earthquake zone under the auspices of the Cyprus Turkish Solidarity Platform.

“-Our cooperation will continue”
Referring to the meetings between TC leader Ersin Tatar and Prime Minister Ünal Üstel with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and their delegations, Oktay noted that the cooperation was strengthened each passing day on the elements agreed upon by consensus.

Expressing that they have progressed in areas such as transportation, infrastructure, technological transformation, industrialization, processing of mines, and increasing agricultural productivity, Oktay stated that preliminary studies have begun for new cooperation such as harmonization of health insurance systems between the two countries, construction of social housing and bringing undersea electricity cables in the Derinya region.
Stating that 15 of the 22 projects within the scope of the e-TRNC Program have been completed, Oktay stated that they have been put into active use.

Oktay said that the 2023 Economic and Financial Cooperation Protocol will be on the agenda in the coming days and noted that projects and the economical outline of infrastructure will be carried to different dimensions.
Oktay “We fully support the sovereign equality strategy”

Touching on the Cyprus issue, Oktay said that the Turkish Cypriot people are the equal founders and equal partners of the Republic of Cyprus, which the Greek Cypriot side destroyed.
Oktay stated that they fully support the strategy based on the sovereign equality and equal international status of the two sides for a comprehensive and viable solution on the island.

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