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Tatar “No response yet received from South Cyprus on our proposals”

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar stated that he had not yet received a response to the Turkish Cypriot side’s 1 and 8 July 2022 proposals, which entail 6 new collaborations presented to the Greek Cypriot side via the United Nations (UN). Tatar said that the proposals aimed to provide cooperation between the two sides on the island under equal sovereignty and to contribute to the creation of a common ground for a possible settlement.
Speaking to the Anadolu News Agency (AA), Tatar also reminded of the recent proposals by the Greek Cypriot administration for Ercan Airport to be put under UN control, the Gazimağusa Port to be opened under EU control and the return of Varosha to the UN (meaning the GC side). Tatar explained that it was out of the question for the TC to accept such proposals.
Reminding of the TC sides 6 new cooperation proposals presented to South Cyprus via the UN based on vested equal rights, Tatar said that these proposals included cooperation between the two states and would contribute to both sides on the island.
“The proposals offered to the Greek Cypriot side entailed cooperation of which one sides sovereignty would not affect the other sides sovereignty and would also protect the sovereignty of North Cyprus,” Tatar said.
Stating that the proposal package includes hydrocarbon, electricity, renewable energy, water, clearing the Cyprus island of mines and combating irregular migration, Tatar stated that these proposals were presented with the support of Türkiye.
Pointing to the importance of the proposals for the island and the region, Tatar said that he had conveyed them to his interlocutors of the international community, and noted that both sides would benefit if the 6-point proposals were implemented.

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