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Snow in Selvilitepe, sleet in Boğaz!

The Met Office reports that under the influence of a cold and humid air mass, sleet was recorded at Selvilitepe at around noon and snow shortly after.
Speaking to TAK news agency, the head of the Meteorology Department Raif İlker Buran announced that sleet also covered Boğaz today at around 2 pm.
Buran warned on the possibility of snow in high areas, which is predicted to continue until around 8 pm or 9 pm this evening.

-Frost expected tomorrow morning
The Meteorology Department also announced that frost is expected tomorrow morning and that rainfall will be effective from Friday to Sunday.
According to the report, skies will be partly cloudy between February 2nd -8th.
Temperatures will generally be around 13-16º C inland and on the coast. Winds will be northerly and westerly moderate becoming stronger and stormy at times.

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