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Police warning: “Fake sales are continuing via Facebook!”

Police Headquarters announced that fraudsters are continuing to target victims via apps on social media.

The warning is as follows:
Several individuals continue to file complaints lately that they have become victimized when trying to purchase items via Facebook such as steel doors for houses, furniture, home appliances, etc. Although the ads via Facebook are original, ill-intentioned individuals are fraudulently taking payments, it has been reported.
It has been detected that 95,800 TL from 11 citizens has been falsely obtained via bank accounts for sales on social media of ‘Woden Moreart’, ‘Varya Door’, ‘Ekol Çelik Kapı’, ‘Kıbrıs Outlet’, ‘2. El Ürünler’ and ‘2. El Alım Satım’ via Mezunum Satıyorum Kıbrıs KKTC group, for the purchase of steel doors, furniture, and home appliances.
The public has been warned to be vigilant and in order to avoid similar grievances, not to make any payments to accounts for sales via social media platforms without physically seeing the item.

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