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One dead, more than a dozen injured in two explosions in West Jerusalem

Two separate explosions in West Jerusalem have left 14 people injured and killed one, according to an Israeli police statement and Israel’s Army Radio.
The first explosion took place around 07:05am on Wednesday near a bus station at the Givat Shaul Junction in West Jerusalem, along a highway leading out of the city that is usually packed with commuters.
The second explosion was heard at 07:35am near the Ramot Junction, also in the vicinity of a bus station.
14 civilians were injured at the scenes, the police statement said. Israel’s Army Radio reported that one person had died of injuries sustained in one of the blasts.
Police said they were investigating the incidents as Israel’s police commissioner said this kind of attack had not been seen in Jerusalem for years.
‘Damage everywhere’
Yosef Haim Gabay, a medic who was at the scene when the blast occurred, told Army Radio that “there is damage everywhere here” and that some of the wounded were bleeding heavily.
Israel’s Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai said this kind of attack has not been seen for years in Jerusalem, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.
Shabtai asked the public to be alert, and added police are searching for more possible explosives in the city.
( Source TRT World/ Haaretz)

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