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“No extreme heat but humidity”

Sweltering hot weather continues.
Director of the Meteorology Department Raif İlker Buran, who spoke to the Turkish News Agency (TAK) said that temperatures have not exceeded 41 degrees, but that the heat due to the high humidity level is 43-46 degrees.
Reminding that in the past temperatures were recorded at 46.6 degrees in Lefkoşa, Buran said, “There is no extreme heat at present but the humidity level is overwhelming”.
Buran said that the overwhelming heat will continue due to the high humidity level.
Meanwhile, according to the Meteorology Department, skies will be clear and partly cloudy from 4-10 of August.
Fog is expected in the early hours of tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.
Temperatures will reach 38-41 degrees inland and 33-36 degrees on the coast.
Winds will generally blow moderately in a Southerly and Westerly direction.

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