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LTB Mayor Mehmet Harmancı was re-elected for 3rd consecutive term

Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality (LTB) Mayor Mehmet Harmancı addressed the people of Lefkoşa and said, “I would like to thank everyone for showing that the biggest organization is the people.”

According to the unofficial results announced with the opening of all ballot boxes in Lefkoşa, the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (TDP), Mehmet Harmancı, who was re-elected as the Mayor of the Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality, addressed the public. In his speech, Harmancı stated that it was not easy to win the third election in Lefkoşa, they struggled hard and they had an intense campaign period. “Only Mustafa Akıncı has done this in history. I am very happy that we are following in his footsteps” Harmancı said, “We knew this result because we trusted the public. We saw the light in the eyes of the people of Lefkoşa; we saw the love of the people of Lefkoşa. Lefkoşa is a city we are attached to with love and Lefkoşa has not left us unattended.”

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