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“Legal procedure” from LTB to the Presidency

Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality made a statement regarding a letter it sent to the North Cyprus (TRNC) leadership regarding the legal responsibilities of the municipality on issues reflected by the public of the TRNC Presidency and the Republics Assembly.
In a statement by the Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality, it was stated that the procedures to be followed legally before starting the construction work in the aforementioned area were conveyed in detail to the North Cyprus leadership.
In a statement on social media LTB leader Mehmet Harmancı said,
“As the LTB, we expect that all individuals, institutions and organizations are responsible for complying with their legal obligations. We have brought our expectations and the laws and rules to be followed to the leadership in a letter. We expect that these are fully fulfilled. At the same time, I discussed the issue with the Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects (KTMMOB). We, as the LTB, agreed that we will act together with the chambers on this issue and that we will use the powers given to us by the laws on the subject and that we will also resort to legal remedies if necessary” he said.

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