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Intercommunal Pride Parade was held on Saturday

The first intercommunal Pride Parade between the South and the North of Cyprus took place on Saturday, June 18th. Communities of both sides gathered at the same time and met at the buffer zone.

Hundreds of people from LGBTI and organisations from both sides of the island marched under the slogan, ‘United by Pride’.

The parade was organized by the Queer Cyprus association and Queer Collective CY, LGBT-PILIPINAS, LGBT Africa and LGBTQIA+ and Allies Students Club of the University of Cyprus.

Marchers from the north met at the Kuğulu Park and from the South at the Eleftheria Square and then crossed at the Ledra Palace border crossing and met at the Buffer Zone.

During the event slogans of ‘peace cannot be prevented in Cyprus’ were also chanted by a group carrying two half rainbow flags sewn together.

This action both symbolizes the solidarity and unity of the LGBTI+communities and the importance of the struggle waged for peace in Cyprus.

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