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Hellim/Halloumi issue “We have the same rights as South Cyprus”

The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry (KTSO), referred to the joint product of Cyprus geography hellim/halloumi and stated that the North Cyprus Hellim/Halloumi producers were uncomfortable with the fact that producers in South Cyprus were taking unilateral decisions.
In a written statement by KTSO, the Head of the Chamber of Industry Ali Kamacıoğlu chaired a meeting with hellim/halloumi producers and evaluated the one-sided decisions regarding registration of the product by the South Cyprus Agricultural Ministry, the Chamber of Trade and Industry, milk producers and manufacturers.
The discomfort of the unilateral decisions on the registration of hellim/halloumi by South Cyprus without the consultation of producers and authorities in North Cyprus was discussed during the meeting held at the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry.
Following the meeting, producers emphasized that any steps or initiatives to be taken on the common geographical hellim/halloumi product should be carried out jointly.
“We have equal rights with the Greek Cypriot side regarding hellim/halloumi. We will not allow our rights to be usurped.”, it said.

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