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Greek Cypriot sentenced to 1 month in prison!

A 58-year-old Greek Cypriot, who was accused of photographing the 1st-degree military forbidden zone, has been sentenced to 1 month in prison.
The verdict on the case regarding the Greek Cypriot was announced at around 3.30 pm yesterday at the Military Court in Lefkoşa.
Stating that the defendant did not have bad intentions while photographing the military forbidden zone and that the so-called photos were taken purely for commemorative purposes, the judge said that no military elements, equipment, units or movements were photographed, adding that it was obvious that the photographs were not in an attempt to commit a crime. The judge said that the good behaviour of the accused was also taken into account during the trial.
Judge Murat Soytaç announced that it was decided that the evidence and criminal data be deleted from the confiscated electronic devices and have them returned to the Greek Cypriot authorities.

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