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First North Cyprus manufactured tugboat exported to Israel

The first multi-purpose tugboat which was manufactured at the Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus Ltd in North Cyprus was exported to Israel.
The multi-purpose tugboat with an 18 short ton-force was built at the Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus LTD without any incentives and has been sent from the Gazimağusa Port to the Haifa Port with a ceremony.
The ceremony was held at the Gazimağusa Port for the multi-purpose tugboat delivery.
“The tugboat was built with local work force and without any incentives,” Marketing Manager of the Shipyard Famagusta Ltd Gökalp Gündoğdu said at the ceremony.
Gündoğdu stated that the tugboat was completed in 2021 with 120 staff and added that it can serve ships or port operations with a strong bollard pull power in the waters of Israel.
Stating that they were proud to have realized this sale to the world market without any incentives, Gündoğdu thanked his colleagues who contributed throughout the construction of the multi-purpose tugboat and its delivery, all of which were designed by a Turkish company, inspected by the Italian company RINA and registered internationally”.

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