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Drugs found at a beach by 7 people were not reported to police!

The General Directorate of Police issued a statement reminding that not reporting drugs found is a crime.
Seven people who did not inform the police after finding packages of drugs at a beach have been identified by police. Legal action has been filed against these individuals, it has been reported.
On the other hand, 17 people were very responsive by informing the police of drug packages found at a beach, the statement said.
Meanwhile, it was also stated that one individual who previously did not inform the police of a package containing drugs was detected by police, and legal action was filed, and the person in question was sentenced to 6 years in prison.
An individual was detected by the Prevention of Narcotics and Smuggling team in Gazimağusa yesterday (Tuesday) with approximately 1 kilo and 800 grams of drugs that had previously washed up on the coast.

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