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Border check-points will not be affected by strike in South Cyprus

It has been reported that border check-points between North and South Cyprus will not be affected by the warning strike that will take place in South Cyprus at around 12 pm and 3 pm tomorrow.

According to Ant1 and Sigma, the spokesperson for the Greek Cypriot Police told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) that the police, and the Civil Registry Officers, and customs officers of the Ministry of Interior will be on duty at the checkpoints.

The Police Press Spokesperson added that the crossing points will continue to operate normally and that any problems that may arise will be dealt with.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of the Cyprus Workers Confederation (SEK) Andreas Matsas, who spoke to Kathimerini had said that the “border checkpoints” between the North and South of Cyprus would be affected by the strike.

– Strike in the South will affect flights..
A general strike will be held between 12 pm and 3 pm tomorrow due to the failure to reach an agreement on the cost of living issue between the Greek Cypriot Ministry of labour and the unions.

The strike will be implemented at large enterprises, leading sectors of the economy, and places with strong union organisations.
Kindergartens, nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, and technical high schools will be closed, it has been reported. 22 flights will also be adversely affected due to the strike.

Paphos and Larnaca airports and ports will be working with security personnel.

The unions, SEK, PEO, PASIDİ, DEOK, OELMEK, POED, OLTEK, SAK, SYPYK, PAOSO, PASİKİ, and ESK have signed the three-hour strike decision.

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