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Biologists Ass “Asian Tiger mosquito detected in North Cyprus”

The Biologists Association announced that the Asian tiger mosquito, known to carry many diseases has been detected in North Cyprus.
Issuing a written statement the association said that following work on the issue complaints have been issued from problematic areas regarding the presence of the infective mosquitos.
Even though the importance of the matter is being ignored by authorities, the Biologist Association stated that the public must be aware that its findings are the first proof that Aedes albopictus mosquitoes are also present in North Cyprus, known as the “Asian Tiger Mosquito”.
It was stated that since the Asian tiger mosquito has a different effectiveness and biology from the known mosquitoes, the standard mosquito treatment is not sufficient. It reports that a specific approach should be carried out towards the invasive mosquitoes, additional to the basic treatment of standard mosquitos.
It was warned that water should not be left uncovered in the open air, and that the Ministry of Health and local administrations should be notified of any detection of black and white striped, active mosquitoes during the day.

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