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Atun: There is nothing I cannot account for

Minister of Finance Sunat Atun has announced his resignation.
Atun stated that young people have expectations of economic breakthroughs that will create new employment opportunities, initiatives that will eliminate problems in the sector, and improved public finance and measures that will eliminate the effects of the cost of living.
Atun stated that he tried to carry out his duty as a Minister with this vision in mind.
Atun said that he resigned from his post due to the developments taking place within the government adding that the opportunity to provide proper services to the public was taken away from him.
Atun said that he does not have anything that he cannot account for “I am not to blame for the fuel shortage at KIB-TEK or the fuel purchased at a higher price, this has not been the result of decisions made by me. This will become obvious when the reports are completed”, Atun said.

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