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Arıklı “Negotiating is taking place with two airlines from Russia”

The Minister of Public Works and Transportation Erhan Arıklı announced that trial flights will be carried out at the new airport on October 29, and three important flights are planned for the airport on November 15.
“We are negotiating with two airlines from Russia”
Arıklı, who stated that they were in talks with two airline companies from Russia, pointed out that the year ahead will be productive in terms of North Cyprus tourism with direct flights from Moscow.
Also drawing attention to the soaring flight ticket prices Arıklı said, “Air ticket prices are very expensive. Many citizens living in North Cyprus prefer to fly from South Cyprus to Europe. The lack of direct flights increases the cost of flights,” he said.
Arıklı said, “Ercan Airport can be granted the status of domestic airlines of Türkiye and for this political will is necessary”, he said.
“We will have a fleet of five aircraft under the name of Mavi Girne Airlines”
Stating that the establishment of the national airline company has reached an important stage and is almost completed, Arıklı said, “The name of our new airline will be ‘Mavi Girne Airlines’. We are carrying out efforts to be ready for November 15, no setbacks are expected. We aim to start with five aircraft and grow even more after that.”
“First flight to Trabzon”
Pointing out that the first flight will be carried out to Türkiye, Arıklı said that one of the first flights will be realised to Trabzon.

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