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3 sudden deaths in one day!

Three sudden deaths have been experienced in one day in the country.

A police statement announced the sudden deaths were reported in Gönyeli, Lefkoşa and Gazimağusa.

Rachael Oluwapelumı SODEKE (F-20), a resident in Gönyeli, died on February 1st at around 11am when she suddenly fell ill at her residence and died while being taken to the hospital by her brother.
An investigation continues.

Kenneth OWEN (M-80) a resident of Lefkoşa who was bedridden due to a hip fracture was found dead on February 1st at around 7pm by his caregiver.
An investigation in is ongoing.

And, Ali KARAKÖSE (M-70) from Gazimağusa suddenly fell ill and died at around 8pm while he was in front of his residence.

Police are investigating the incident.

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